Is It OK to Install a Flat Roof Replacement in the Rain?

28January 2020

Should you install a flat roof replacement in the rain? The brief answer is, no. This is because first, it’s against constructing code to install water barrier membranes over wet substrate and 2nd, unless there is right air flow, the moisture will probable get trapped inside the substrate, leading to mold, mold or rot. Not best will those situations require additional repair however they are additionally bad. Speaking of factors which are dangerous, any kind of roofing work contains with it a sure quantity of hazard of slips and falls. This threat is accelerated exponentially in slick, wet situations making any roof repair paintings a severe safety difficulty.

What if it is an emergency?

If it’s pouring down rain and your roof begins leaking, the satisfactory element to do is contact a expert roof artisan who can set up a tarp till the storm has subsided and a proper repair process may be completed. Similarly, if roof restore work has already started and rain is imminent, a reputable roofer will stable the roof with a tarp and wait until the rain passes to retain the repair or substitute.

In the case of an emergency, attempting to restore the roof yourself isn’t simplest dangerous, however unless you’ve got all of the important gear, substances and understanding, you’ll most likely become calling a roofing contractor besides.

When is the excellent time to have the roof changed?

The satisfactory time to have roof alternative service relies upon on a variety of factors with climate being one among the largest. For instance, in keeping with NationalAtlas.Gov, Arizona simplest gets a mean of 12.Five inches of rain a year statewide. However, maximum of that rain comes from the “monsoon season” in which afternoon thunderstorms are the norm between mid-July and mid-August. However, a roofing organisation acquainted with nearby weather patterns has know-how with operating round those short storms.

So while need to you time table a roof alternative? Whenever feasible, do no longer wait until the want for repairs has become essential. It can frequently absorb to a couple of weeks for a roofing contractor to pull the necessary allows, get an appropriate materials from providers and make sure all the gadget is available and ready.

When choosing what time of year to have your roof changed, preserve those considerations for every season in thoughts:


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